Friday, March 21, 2008

The Smashing Pumpkins, TSB Arena, Wellington, 20 March 2008

Reasonable Quality

01 Porcelina Of The Vast Oceans
02 Hummer
03 Bring The Light
04 Tonight, Tonight
05 Mayonaise
06 Superchrist
07 Perfect
08 Lily (My One And Only)
09 Today
10 Tarantula
11 Stand Inside Your Love
12 Ava Adore
13 Starla
14 Bullet With Butterfly Wings
15 1979
16 That's The Way (My Love Is)
17 My Blue Heaven
18 The Everlasting Gaze / Cash Car Star / For What It's Worth Medley
19 Crush
20 United States
21 encore break
22 Muzzle
23 Happy Birthday To You


Jason said...

Please fix the link...

DetMackey said...

There's nothing wrong with the link.

Jason said...


Bernard Cooper said...

Bro - you've just made my day. I've been looking out for someone else who tapes shows in Welly for ages! So many cool gigs I missed out on but can now experience thanks to you!

I was at the Pumpkins show - didn't take my own recording gear as I just wanted to bask in the brilliance of the pumpkins without worrying about my stuff. You're the second confirmed source for the show (Rommy on Netphoria is working some magic on his recording at the moment). I saw someone with a video camera in the crowd in front of me so there may be a cam recording surfacing sometime.

Iri said...

Thank you very very much from Italy ;)!

Iri said...
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Iri said...
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Iri said...

ahahah just an OT comment: I read my previous comment and said "I thought it was the 22nd today O.o"
silly italian me :D

oliver said...

Thank you very much i wish i had gone