Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kings of Leon, TSB Arena, Wellington, 27 March 2009

Would it be fair to call the Kings of Leon concert the worst concert of the year? No, it would not be fair. What would be fair is calling it the worst concert of the decade.

They did well to play a fair amount of songs from their quality first three albums, but everything on the new album is lacking anything resembling artistic talent and there was just too much from it. Kings of Leon also achieve the Tool award for playing a concert almost indistinguishable from the CD versions of their songs.

Excluding the pre-recorded intro and couple minute encore break, the Kings couldn't even muster 90 minutes.

They should have stuck with being U2's warm up act; U2 and the Kings deserve each other.

01 intro
02 Closer
03 Crawl
04 Taper Jean Girl
05 My Party
06 King Of The Rodeo
07 California Waiting
08 Fans
09 Revelry
10 Milk
11 Red Morning Light
12 Four Kings
13 Wasted Time
14 Molly's Chambers
15 Sex On Fire
16 The Bucket
17 On Call
18 Use Somebody
19 Slow Night, SO Long
20 encore break
21 Knocked Up
21 Manhattan
22 Charmer

Supergroove, Homegrown 2009

01 Next Time
02 Don't Look Down
03 Your White Shirt
04 Diggin' (?)
05 Fade Away
06 Five Word Headline
07 You Gotta Know
08 new song 2 (?)
09 Bugs And Critters
10 Sitting Inside My Head
11 Can't Get Enough
12 Here Comes The Supergroove
13 harmonica solo
14 You Freak Me
15 Scorpio Girls

Kora, Homegrown 2009

01 new song 1 (?)
02 Skankenstein
03 The Delivery Man
04 new song 2 (?)
05 On My Mind (with Bodies, and Down The Road)
06 Pop Your Bubble
07 Skoolyard
08 Flow
09 Thunder, Lightning, Brimstone, Fire

Tiki Taane, Homegrown 2009

The Black Seeds, Homegrown 2009

Tahuna Breaks, Homegrown 2009

Katchafire, Homegrown 2009

01 Who You With
02 Giddy Up
03 Meant To Be
04 Say What You're Thinking
05 This World
06 J Dubb
07 Love Letter
08 instumental
09 I And I
10 Doesn't Anybody
11 Seriously
12 Collie Herb Man
13 Colour My Life
14 Satisfy My Soul
15 percussion solo
16 Done Did It
17 Don't Worry 'Bout A Thing
18 Reggae Revival
19 encore break
20 Get Away

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Uploading delay

As an Orcon customer I'm getting horrendously slow speeds.

After a 45 minute wait on the phone, Orcon said they had implemented shaping on Rapidshare and Megaupload and P2P for about a week. The assistant said the more people complain, the more likely it is to be reviewed.

I'll likely be complaining via switching ISPs, so good luck to the rest of you.

According to Orcon, shaping is occuring during peak times, that is the only time you can experience normal speed is during weekdays. Weeknights and weekends are out.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Coming Up

Homegrown, Wellington Waterfront, Wellington, 12 March 2009 (uploading from Monday 23 March):
Tahuna Breaks
The Black Seeds
Tiki Taane

Kings of Leon, TSB Bank Arena, Wellington, 27 March 2009

Plus, the hottest band in the land.