Saturday, April 11, 2009

Flight Of The Conchords, Genesis Recreation Centre, Masterton, 31 March 2009

Fuckwits, munters and other assorted muppets often ask me "what's with the earplugs?". These are the same types who clearly don't go to a lot of shows and think that Kings of Leon were "like, the best thing e-ver" and, so, either don't have to worry too much about long-term hearing loss, or it doesn't matter as their brains aren't able to process what they hear anyway.

The last day of March saw my first earplug-less concert in a while, and what a show it was. Unfortunately, organisers requested no recordings, and I will be honouring that request. To make up for it, here are DetMackey & Friends singing A Kiss Is Not A Contract live on Radio NZ's Checkpoint that day, and on Morning Report the next day.

Best show of 2009.

01 banter 1
02 The Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room)
03 banter 2
04 Mutha'uckas
05 banter 3
06 Hurt Feelings
07 banter 4
08 Albi The Racist Dragon
09 banter 5
10 Robots
11 banter 6
12 Carol Brown
13 banter 7
14 Jenny
15 banter 8
16 You Don't Have To Be A Prostitute
17 Sugalumps
18 banter 9
19 I'm Not Crying
20 banter 10
21 Think About It
22 Bus Driver
23 banter 11
24 A Kiss Is Not A Contract
25 banter 12
26 We're Both In Love With A Sexy Lady
27 banter 13
28 Business Time
29 encore break
30 banter 14
31 Angels
32 banter 15
33 Bowie

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