Sunday, February 22, 2009

Nine Inch Nails, Vector Arena, Auckland, 17 February 2009

Best show of 2009.

Good Quality

01 Intro
02 1,000,000
03 Letting You
04 Discipline
05 March Of The Pigs
06 Something I Can Never Have
07 Terrible Lie
08 The Line Begins To Blur
09 Head Down
10 Burn
11 Survivalism
12 Gave Up
13 La Mer
14 The Fragile
15 Non-Entity
16 The Downward Spiral
17 Wish
18 Suck
19 Hurt
20 The Hand That Feeds
21 Head Like A Hole


Gary said...

Awesome show, thanx for putting this up, i was also going to tape on the night but had recorder problems, i have some NZ shows ur prob interested in...

DetMackey said...

I'll be happy to post anything you want to upload.

Anonymous said...

"The Hand That Feeds" was played before "Head Like a Hole" wasn't it? It doesn't appear on the list you've posted, was it not recorded?

Thanks for the upload though, much appreciated.

DetMackey said...

'The Hand That Feeds' should be in the recording (20th track of 21). I failed to include it in the setlist. The setlist has been corrected.