Saturday, July 26, 2008

Shihad, Wellington Town Hall, Wellington, 25 July 2008

Pretty Good Quality

01 Home Again
02 Rule The World
03 My Mind's Sedate
04 Beautiful Machine
05 Comfort Me
06 Alive
07 Chameleon
08 Pacifier
09 Run
10 The Metal Song
11 Count It Up
12 Wait And See
13 The General Electric
14 One Will Hear The Other
15 encore break
16 The Bible And The Gun
17 Screwtop
18 You Again

1 comment:

kinopus said...

Hey bro, nice recording. was there at the concert, got a few vids, gonna make a dvd of the shit i got off the tour. have linked your stuff to the wiki, and put your recording on the wiki for safe keeping, also linked luger boa and mint chicks.

if you have msn you should add me on