Saturday, July 26, 2008

Because people seem to love Liam Finn, here's more of him Live

Courtesy of Abe Lincoln at are two of Liam Finn's performances in support of Eddie Vedder's April Fools Tour earlier this year.

Both shows are Good Quality.

Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium, 5 April 2008

11 Turn Up The Birds
12 Better To Be (part 1)
13 Better To Be (part 2)
14 talk
15 Music Moves My Feet
16 I'll Be Lightning
17 improv
18 Second Chance
19 Lead Balloon (part 1)
20 Lead Balloon (part 2)
21 Wide Awake On The Voyage Home

Arlington Theater, 10 April 2008

09 Turn Up The Birds
10 Better To Be (part 1)
11 Better To Be (part 2)
12 Old Man
13 I'll Be Lightning
14 Some Fucking Gnarly Riff
15 Wise Man
16 Lead Balloon


Jack M said...

Would you be able to reupload these by any chance? I saw Liam and EJ perform in Brisbane opening for Pearl Jam (with Relentless 7) and I reckon the price of admission expired at the end of Liams set, he was brilliant!

Thanks very much for your recordings of Liam and EJ, and R7 from Brisbane/Sydney/Aukland/Christchurch aswell, they are brilliant!

DetMackey said...

New links up.

JackM said...

Thanks so much mate, I really appreciate it. :)