Saturday, June 14, 2008

Liam Finn, Bar Bodega, Wellington, 13 June 2008

Best show of the year.

Good Quality

01 Better To Be
02 Energy Spent
03 Fire In Your Belly
04 This Place Is Killing Me
05 Gather To The Chapel
06 Remember When
07 EJ Is Gonna Cut Her Hand
08 I'll Be Lightning
09 Wise Man
10 Second Chance
11 Lead Balloon
12 encore break
13 Twist And Shout
14 Old Man
15 Wide Awake On The Voyage Home


Paul said...

Holy Samosas, this was a fantabulous show in Auckland too. We got a full-tit 'Helter Skelter' as the encore with Connan in full 'i'm an awesome freak' getup.
Cheers heaps for the recordings.

Anonymous said...

How did you resist the urge to call the blog 'Wellington Boots'?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Liam Finn show, can't wait to listen. I've been hooked up w/some of his opening performances during the Eddie Vedder tour back in April. The songs aren't titled. I'm not sure what the recording policy was for his sets, but I know it wasn't allowed during Eddie's performances. If you'd be willing to help me out w/the setlists I'd be more than happy to send you the shows. Feel free to email & let me know if you're up for it or not.

DetMackey said...

Anonymous said...

How did you resist the urge to call the blog 'Wellington Boots'?

Heh, yeah, well, it's the same answer to similar questions I get every day like 'how did you resist the urge not to make a complete arse of yourself': I'm just not that clever. I mean, look at the name 'Boots "n" All'... where's the All part? it's just boots...

I really didn't think it through.

Anonymous said...

Please record The Brian Jonestown Massacre when they come to N.Z.

Unknown said...

Hi mate!!! You've got a good job here and i'm glad to found it out!
I'm a journalist-music lover who is living in Queenstow at the moment, and I was almost givin up to find some NZ's interesting music blogs.
Hope u keep in touch too! My blog is in Portuguese, but would be a pleasure change some music experiences with you!

c ya!